| co-creation, installation, costume design, video interaction

Oct 2022


The woman dressed as a military heroine lives in the interleaving, sometimes simultaneously, sometimes solo, of digital and real-time performance, obsessed with the uninterrupted task of intervening with the metaphysics of the room.She builds geometries that transit between trenches, branches and excavations, and that challenge the accuracy of the center. The center always reestablishes itself in the impossibility of deferring barriers. It is in the continuous friction of the actions that the scene opens, producing delirium: the woman becomes a homeland, a map, a lost territory whose cause is urgent to defend.And the violence shows itself, polysemic.To disposeTo trapTo disguise in camouflageTo watch overTo blowTo restart

Concept: Zia Soares with Neusa Trovoada
Interpretation: Zia Soares
Installation, costumes, video interaction: Neusa Trovoada
Video co-creation: António Castelo
Production: SO WING

António Castelo

António Castelo

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