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Mai - Jun 2023

CHORUS 1.8 -  de composição de um grito

The mouth, restricted, rehearses experiences of a violent invasion. The burying of speech, the convulsion of words, the condensation of the voice, repetition.
A scream implodes. A scream explodes.
Particles tear through space to be survival and creation. Indigo blue conflates materialisation. The dense, implacable, mutant chorus incites becoming. The emergence of the future erodes the previous act. "You have to destroy in order to start again". (James Stinson, Drexciya)

CHORUS 1.8 - the composition of a scream, observes the mouth, whose channels of communicability contain dark residues of historically violent events. Indigo blue "is the liquid atmosphere of death and liberation that only the whirlwind of sounds and the infinite shaking of bodies lets us sense. The urgency to get up, to walk. To get back into the air." (Branca Clara das Neves)

CHORUS 1.8 is a tentacular project involving installation, performance, workshops and a conference.

CHORUS 1.8 is a project funded by the Portuguese Republic – Culture / Directorate-General for the Arts.


CHORUS 1.8, INSTITUTO, Oporto | Photography Renato Lainho

Boca de Vidro, 2023 | CHORUS 1.8, INSTITUTO, Oporto | Photography Joana Garrido

Census 2023 | CHORUS 1.8, INSTITUTO, Oporto | Photography Renato Lainho

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